A downloadable asset pack

Here are the graphics for one of my game jam games.

It's a simple Beat'em Up which you can play over here:



Included are: 

- an animated main character (PNG+JSON spritesheet, Aseprite file)

- less animated enemy sprites (PNG+JSON spritesheet, Aseprite file)

- background and foreground layers (PNG, Aseprite file)

- animated pickups (PNG+JSON spritesheet, Aseprite file)

- animated hitspark effects (PNG+JSON spritesheet, Aseprite file)

- menu screens as Photoshop PSDs

-- I can't include the fonts because of licensing. But you can find them here: http://pixelfonts.style-force.net


Use as you want.

Give credit or don't.

Who am I to tell you what to do? :D


punchingqueen_gfx.zip 374 kB

Also available on

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